Drug Arrest Made During HCHS Football Game

Drug Arrest Made During HCHS Football Game


James Boykin  


During the afternoon hours on Friday, October 12th, Officer Gary Morgan of the Franklin Police Department and Deputy William Hannah of the Heard County Sheriff’s Department were assigned to foot patrol at the Heard County High School football game, against the Manchester Blue Devils. 

While at the visitors side of the stadium, the officers detected an odor of burnt marijuana, but initially had trouble identifying where it was coming from due to the amount of people in the area. The officers eventually identified a suspect, due to the strong odor coming from his person as they walked by his location. 

When they confronted the suspect he immediately became nervous and they observed what appeared to be a partially smoked blunt in his hand. Upon being informed of the odor of marijuana coming from his person and being asked what was in his hand, the suspect without warning fled from the two officers, who immediately pursued. 

As the suspect ran around the football field, Officer Jay Repetto and Deputy Roman Ramseur positioned themselves so that the pursuing officers would force the suspect to run toward their location. This allowed the officers to stop the fleeing suspect, who threw a bag of marijuana just prior to being detained. Law enforcement officers were able to locate the bag of marijuana that was taken into evidence. 

James T. Boykin of 297 Edgewood Avenue, Manchester, Georgia 31816 was charged with Possession of Marijuana on School Grounds, Possession of Marijuana, Public Intoxication and Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers. Mr. Boykin also had a valid arrest warrant from Meriwether County Sheriff’s Department.