Public Safety Memorial



In honor of our public safety personnel, Heard County is building a Public Safety Memorial. This monument will be placed at the Northwest corner of the Heard County Fire & Emergency Services Headquarters located at 11816 Georgia Hwy 100. The monument will feature, as its centerpiece, a 3100 pound piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center. The monument will serve as a reminder of the public safety personnel who gave their life on September 11, 2001.


In addition, the monument will serve as a memorial to our Heard County Public Safety Personnel who have given their life while on-duty protecting the citizens of Heard County.


And lastly, it will be dedicated as a thank you to the past, present, and future Heard County Public Safety Professionals and serve as a constant reminder of the danger these men and women face each day.


As a means of raising funds for this project, the site will have 424 8” X 8” brick pavers. Each brick will be inscribed with the name and unit of one of the public safety heroes who gave their life at the World Trade Center. There will be 3 lines of 18 characters in which you may have your personal inscription. Below is an example:





The brick pavers will be sold on a first come basis with a minimum donation of $50 per brick. If you have a particular name that you would like to honor we will try to accommodate you but it each name will be on a first come basis as well. If you have any questions please contact Chief Scott Blue at (706) 675-6186.



To order your brick paver, please click here to download the official order form.