Warrants Lead To Arests

Drug Investigation Leads To

Execution of Two Search Warrants & Several Arrests



During the afternoon hours on Friday, January 7th, law enforcement officers with the West Metro Drug Task Force, Franklin Police Department, Heard County Sheriff’s Department and Coweta County Sheriff’s Department executed search warrants at 291 and 297 Mary Johnson Drive. This comes after an ongoing investigation, conducted by the West Metro Drug Task Force revealed the sale of illegal narcotics at both locations, which are located within feet of each other. Upon the execution of these search warrants, numerous people were temporarily detained but three individuals were arrested on drug related charges. During their search, law enforcement officers utilized a K-9 Unit from Coweta County Sheriff’s Department to assist in locating some of the hidden marijuana. The search revealed a large amount of U.S. Currency and marijuana at both locations. The following individuals were each charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; Sharome Watts, Alred McKeithern and Andrecus Jackson.

“This in depth investigation consisted of numerous hours, over an extended period of time by Agents with the West Metro Drug Task Force. I appreciate the hard work and close relationship that our two agencies have developed over the past several years, as we strive for the same goal. We strongly encourage and greatly appreciate information we receive from our citizens, which is often a key factor in identifying these illegal operations. In addition, I would like to personally thank the West Metro Drug Task Force, Heard County Sheriff’s Department and Coweta County Sheriff’s Department”, stated Chief Kevin Hannah.