Speed Limit Changes (Highway 27 & 34)



The Georgia Department of Transportation began erecting new speed limit signs on U.S. Highway 27, during the morning hours on Friday, September 24th. The speed limit will change from 55 miles per hour to 65 miles per hour, for the entire roadway in Heard County. This change was part of the original plan when the roadway was built, but local officials were informed that it could be several years before this change would occur.

In addition to the speed limit change on U.S. Highway 27, the Georgia DOT changed the speed limit on Georgia Highway 34, near Newnan Street, to the city limit of Franklin. The change made this area a 45 mile per hour zone, instead of 35 miles per hour. This area was a 45 miles per hour zone before the construction of U.S. Highway 27, but was lowered due to the on/off ramp connecting the two roadways. Upon review of this area by Traffic Operations Engineer, Scott Parker, of Georgia DOT, he determined that it was safe to increase the speed limit back to its original maximum limit.  

 “There are numerous reasons why motorist should not exceed maximum speed limits and should obey traffic laws, but most importantly is safety. A traffic citation can be paid, driver’s license can be reinstated, vehicles can be repaired/replaced, but motor vehicle crashes take human lives each day across our country. Although the speed limit on these roadways have increased, we would like to remind motorist to please drive safely”, stated Chief Kevin Hannah of the Franklin Police Department.